Augustine Bibliography

panta_rheiIn 1963, Tarsicius J. van Bavel o.s.a. edited an extensive bibliography on Augustine of Hippo, covering the years 1950-1960. One of its main strengths was the way in which publications (books, collections or articles) were organized on the basis of a set of entries within a detailed tree diagram. These entries allowed for individual publications to be located according to any of the several significant topics or ideas contained in that publication.

Since 1963 the Augustinian Historical Institute has kept the bibliography up-to-date via an impressive card catalogue and a further refinement of the manual taxonomy. Currently, the catalogue contains around 65,000 cards, categorized into thousands of entries.

In order to disclose thus huge bibliographical database, the Institute launched in 2004 a new project (called “Panta rhei“*) in close collaboration with the Augustinian University of Villanova (USA). This will make the card catalogue freely available on the internet – whilst retaining its rich complexity – for online searches and information retrieval. At the end of 2009, a part of this bibliography (some 15,000 entries) will already be accessible via the internet.

*Heraclitus, the pre-Socratic Greek philosopher from Ephesus in Asia Minor, believed that change is real, and stability illusory. For him everything is ‘in flux’, as exemplified in his famous aphorism ‘Panta rhei‘: ‘Everything flows, nothing stands still’. Especially not our bibliography!