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Under the direction of T.J. van Bavel, in collaboration with B. Bruning

riberaAugustine of Hippo was a multi-facetted character: intellectual and mystic, scholar and father of the Church, bishop of a prosperous harbour town and monk, philosopher and biblical thinker. Writings like The City of God and Confessions have formed part of world literature for centuries. Augustine was the first to talk extensively about himself, thus placing the human being at the heart of the story. Saint Augustine is also a man with a heart filled with passion.

This iconographic tradition constitutes the guiding thread in the book, a detailed and superbly illustrated study devoted to the man and his thinking. Saint Augustine conveyed the ardour of his love not only in his Rules for Life, which was adopted by numerous religious orders, or in the originality of his many writings, which continue to be study minutely; but also through the force of his actions within the Church of North Africa. A universal spirit and conscientious thinker, he was also a remarkable bishop, who truly took care of his people in the original sense of the word episkopos.